The European manufacturing industry helps to ensure that all the diverse products that surround us in our everyday lives make it to market and are affordable - whether yoghurt or t-shirt, car or power plant. The production chain ranges from raw materials, components, software, and hardware to tools, machinery, equipment, automation and logistics. The manufacturing industry is both a provider and user of new technologies, a true enabler of progress and prosperity.

To remain competitive, it is important to constantly advance processes, technologies and organizations. After digitalization and Industry 4.0, it is now the rapid development in life sciences that is giving the industry new impetus, along the entire process and value chain, in particular to achieve sustainability goals.

In 2020, the European technology platform ManuFUTURE has therefore established a sub-platform on biointelligent manufacturing to involve all relevant stakeholders and develop innovative research strategies to foster this biological transformation of manufacturing.

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  1. Recap of the whitepaper release
  2. Examples by industry leaders
  3. Kickoff: ‘Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda’ (SRIA)
  4. Next steps
  5. Election of chair

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SRIA Workshops

Join our upcoming SRIA workshops in the beginning of October 2023!


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2nd Biointelligence Congress

Biointelligence – Current status and future prospects


Save the Date: October 22, 2024, 

08.30 am - 7.00 pm

Stuttgart City Hall
Marktplatz 1
Stuttgart, Germany


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White paper: Biointelligent Manufacturing - Definitions, International Status, Potentials for Europe and Recommendations

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In the European technology platform Manu FUTURE with its subplatform on Biointelligent Manufacturing, a white paper was elaborated, which provides an European perspective on the topic of Biointelligent Manufacturing as well as definitions and recommendations for action. The white paper documents and evaluates the results of the discussions in the three working groups "Research and Technology Development", "Industrial Applications and Business Models" and "Qualification and Education". The aim of the white paper is to ...
  • highlight the potential that biology can bring as a new dimension to the manufacturing sector;
  • provide the framework for both motivating and driving the biological transformation, in particular highlighting Europe's unique selling points;
  • highlight biointelligence as a fusion of technical, information and biological systems and to distinguish it from the existing fields of biotechnology, bioeconomy and bionics;
  • define biointelligent manufacturing in a comprehensive, robust and aligned way and identify its building blocks via product and manufacturing examples and best practices;
  • identify fields of innovation in biointelligence for manufacturing in Europe - building on the ManuFUTURE Vision 2030.

The white paper is available for free download here.


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